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Joseph Watt

Producer / Musician

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Joseph has worked with a great number of clients, delivering for a variety of needs, from demos, right through to finished tracks. 

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As a professional drummer and keyboardist for over 6 years, Joseph has played for many artists, at several festivals and numerous venues.



Successful Collaborations



Content Creation

Joseph has worked alongside the ROLI LUMI sound content team providing arrangement scores, DAW projects and orchestral recordings.



Joseph licensed his meditative 'Eden' EP to 'Hope', a mindfulness and prayer app.

Felt Music


Joseph has provided session vocals for a number of tracks at Felt Music.


St Mary's London


Joseph has worked with St Mary's London to provide arrangement scores and demo recordings for concerts

King's Church Amersham

Mixing Engineer

Joseph mixed and mastered recordings for KCA's Christmas services 2020.


Session Musician / Mixing Engineer


Artist / Producer

Joseph's most popular solo project, a chillhop artist which has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams in a matter of months.


Lucy May Walker

Keyboards / Percussion

Combining his skills, Joseph simultaneously plays keyboard, percussion and sings backing vocals in accompaniment.

Tragic Sasha

Drums / Mixing Engineer

Having been involved with Tragic Sasha for over 4 years, Joseph currently plays SPDSX in her lineup.



Joseph has played drums for jazz/hip-hop artist Broadstrokes at several popular venues in London and Manchester.