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Mixing Engineer

As well as a freelance musician, arranger and composer, Joseph has worked with numerous artists as a mixing engineer to give their tracks that added professional flavour and to ensure that their songs reach their full potential. Rate: £40/hour

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Joseph has over 6 years of experience teaching many students drums and music theory. With his desire to pass on his passion for drumming, synthesised with his organisational and interpersonal skills, Joseph is equipped well as a tutor. With experience of the RSL exam board, he has led many students through grades, up to Grade 6 drums, and A level music theory. Rate: £25/half hour, £45/hour

Sheet Music Over Piano
Image by Peter Stumpf

Mastering Engineer

Alongside mixing, Joseph has mastered numerous tracks for a variety of artists. Utilising state of the art in-box technology, Joseph works closely with clients to deliver a rich, full master to meet industry standards.

Other Services: Mastering Engineer
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